What is the Hologram?

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The foundator of holography is the State London college professor Denis Gabor, who in 1947 produced the first hologram while experimenting with the increase of resolution ability of an electronic microscope.

With the name Holography Gabor emphasized the possibility to register all the information about the object. In 1960 the first laser appeared after a series of some fundamental researches performed by Soviet scientists Basov and Phokhorov and an American Charles Townes, and since then holography became popular and began to develop not only in theory, but also in practice. The following year professor T.Mymam created the impulse laser on the base of a ruby. The first human portrait was made with the ruby laser in 1967.

Emmeth Leith and Yuris Upatnieks from the Michigan University gave birth to the art holography, having created in 1962 the first voluminous transparent hologram restored in laser light. Nowadays the scheme of the hologram is widely used all over the world.

The work of Yury Denisyuk has a great contribution to the development of modern art holography that is now largely based on his researches of 60-70-ies. He was the first to produce reflective holograms allowing to replay voluminous images in daylight.

The first high-quality holograms appeared in 1968 in USSR and in the USA, and in 1969 Steven Benton produced the transparent hologram visible in daylight, and such holograms were called Rainbow holograms because they reflected the whole specter of colors. His invention made holography popular to the general public.

In 1977 Lloyd Cross produced the multiplex hologram consisting of multiple object photos taken from multiple points of view in the horizontal dimension.

Nowadays cinematographic holography is being worked on, and undoubtedly Holography is going to play the more and more important role in our life.

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